Chinese in love

From the newspaper Die ZEIT of March 13, 2014, by Angela Köckritz:

A Journalist of the Jingling evening paper asked 40 Chinese to tell their parents via telephone how much they love them. Chinese usually do not like to confess their feelings.

The real estate agent Mrs. Lu did it like this:
Lu: Daddy, Mummy, I need to confess something: I love you!
Parents: You are not sick, aren´t you? When will you come home?
Lu: I love you!
Parents: So you are not coming home?
Lu: You always took care for me.
Parents: Don´t scare us. Do you have any problems?

Mister Jiang, a master student in the US did this experience:
Jiang: Daddy, I love you!
Father: Haaah? Are you drunk?
Jiang: I love you!
Father: Life is hard. But keep on thinking positively!
Jiang: I love you!
Father: Haha, stop soft-soaping me. For new-year’s day we expect you to bring your girlfriend.

Eventually there was Mrs. Zhao that experienced following:
Zhao: Mummy, I need to tell you something.
Mother: Tell me!
Zhao: I love you!
Mother: … (15 sec. silence) What? You have no money?



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